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Smart Cleaning Robot



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New technology that will surely let your kids play while cleaning.


Do you like to let your kids to enjoy while keeping a tidy home? A smarter vacuum may be the solution. Now arguably viewed as smart home products, our robotic vacuum don’t just clean for you and save you time, they also have built-in technology that allows them to clean more efficiently and be energy efficient.

Maximize the grasping of hair and pet hair for deeper cleaning.

Picks up more pet hair than other robotic vacuums.* A premium 3-Stage Cleaning System uses Power-Lifting Suction to clean pet hair from carpets and hard floors.

The advanced filtration system captures 99% of mold, pollen, dust mite, dog and cat allergens, to keep dander out of your life. Even the Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes were made with pet hair in mind: unlike bristle brushes they won't get tangled with hair. From carpets to hard floors, our robots are packed with features that make cleaning up after your pets easy —so you can spend more time with your furry friends and less time dealing with their messes.

Engineered to do more. Increased suction lifts away dirt and debris. Embedded with Technology allows that allows iRobot vacuum to learn, map, and adapt to your home, determining the best way to clean. Just like playing online games that will surely let your kids to enjoy.
The latest AI sensor technology helps create an optimal, multi-room cleaning path. Now, you don’t have to worry about furniture, objects – even animals – getting in the way of your cleaning.
It effortlessly cleans pet hair, dirt, dust and more. Now your children can enjoy a clean home on a regular basis.
We understand our customers have lots of options, we get you the best products for the cheapest price. This is truly a masterpiece with all the great features. Grab one before we go out of stock again for this.

Material ABS
Color Black, White
Size 228 X 228 X 70mm
Charge time 2-3 hours
Working time about 1.5 hours
Sweeping mode automatic universal
Battery capacity 1200mAh
Range of application Wooden floors, marble floors and nylon flooring, etc.

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