• UV Sanitizing Box - BunnyTags
  • UV Sanitizing Box - BunnyTags
  • UV Sanitizing Box - BunnyTags
  • UV Sanitizing Box - BunnyTags
  • UV Sanitizing Box - BunnyTags
  • UV Sanitizing Box - BunnyTags
  • UV Sanitizing Box - BunnyTags

UV Sanitizing Box

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Concerned about bacteria or viruses on your cell phone? With this UV Cell Phone Sanitizer, you can kill up to 99.9% of germs before you put it up against your face!

Simple and fast to use. Simply put in your smartphone, watch, keys, Bluetooth headphones or earbuds, sunglasses, or any other small item. Then just press the button and your item will be sterilized in 8 minutes. 


According to the latest research viruses can live on your phone for 9 days! On average phones carry 18 times more GERMS than most toilet seats. Our phones have become breeding grounds for bacteria and pathogens. Using our  UV Light Sanitizer will improve your quality of life and help get rid of various viruses.

  1. This sanitizer is perfect for:
  2. Anyone concerned about viruses, bacteria or other germs. 
  3. Parents that want to sterilize pacifiers.
  4. Anyone wanting to reduce the chance of having acne.


  1. With ultraviolet (UV-C) rays of 254nm wavelength, the DNA and RNA in bacteria and viruses are destroyed, wiping out 99.9% of germs.

  2. Extremely portable, so use it at home, at work, in the car.

  3. With a short 8 minute disinfecting time, you can use this UV Cell Phone Sanitizer several times per day!

  4. Uses a standard USB cable that can be plugged into any adapter or outlet.

  5. Simple to use. Just put your phone (or other small items) inside the device, press the button, then 8 minutes later your phone is sterilized!


    • Ultimate Convenience: The UV Light Sanitizer is small enough to carry in your purse, jacket, and most apparel. Easy to pull out and set on top of your desk, table, nightstand or wherever you go.

    • Multifunctional Sanitizer: Disinfect and sterilize any smart devices and small objects such as watches, eyeglasses, earbuds, jewelry, toothbrushes, and more. The UV-C light will not damage any items or devices.
    • Easy To Use: Simply place the item or items in the UV Light Sanitizer Box, press the disinfection button, the Ultraviolet Lamp lights up, the buzzer rings once, and the disinfection begins. After 8 minutes the buzzer rings twice, the UV Lamp turns off, and that’s it. The disinfection is complete.


    Portable design so you can take this UV Cell Phone Sterilizer with you anywhere!

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